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The Energy Technology List

Reduce your energy costs by choosing products listed on the Energy Technology List (ETL), the government-managed list of energy-efficient products

What is the Energy Technology List?

The ETL is a government backed list of energy efficient equipment. With over 8,000 listed products, it is one of the world’s largest databases of top performing energy-saving products.

There are over 8,000 products listed right now, so find your perfect solution by searching the list today.

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Financial benefits from ETL explained

Worked example of energy savings through the ETL:

For the installation of 25 18W LEDs lighting to replace 25 existing 36W T8 fluorescent luminaires within a typical 100m2 retail store operating 16 hours per day 7 days a week, the potential annual savings are calculated as:

  • £440
  • 3.9 MWh
  • 1.3 tonnes CO2
  • 0.9 year payback

With a typical capital cost of £375, lifetime energy savings could be around £4,400 at today’s prices. With energy savings of approximately £440 in year 1, the capital cost is recovered in less than 1 year.

Energy efficient products in listed and unlisted categories

The ETL can be used to identify energy-efficient products. In the case of ‘listed’ technologies, products on the list have been reviewed by a team of ETL technical specialists as meeting the ETL criteria. In the case of ‘unlisted’ technologies, where there are so many variations of a type of product, then products are not individually listed - manufacturers need to check their products against the ETL criteria and make a statement of compliance to the purchasers. Most technologies fall into the ‘listed’ category.

Only the following categories are in ‘unlisted’ categories:

  • Lighting Controls
  • Air to Air Heat Pumps, Split, Multi-Split and VRF

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is a separate category. Businesses must first get a Certificate of Energy Efficiency. Because this additional certificate is needed, no specific products appear on the Energy Technology Product List. For further information on CHP, please visit the Combined Heat and Power Quality Assurance Programme page.

How often is the ETL product list updated?

New products are added to the list twice a month, on the 1st and the 15th. Products may be removed from the list for different reasons, for example if a product is no longer being sold in the UK and the manufacturer wishes to remove this from the list. For those products removed since 1st April 2017, the removal date appears on the list. For those removed before that, a separate downloadable list is available.

Integrate the ETL into your procurement systems with the ETL API

The ETL API lets your development team add the ability to find energy efficient, ETL-listed products to your own systems. All of the data available on the ETL product search service is available via the ETL API, including technical information, product images and the ability to search and filter products. It's free to use.

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BEIS has worked with NBS to map the ETL product categories within the 56 technologies against the UNICLASS 2015 codes.

UNICLASS 2015 is a classification structure used to identify and manage aspects such as information, components, products and services throughout the lifecycle of a building asset. UNICLASS 2015 is managed and delivered by NBS and the use of the classification structure is a requirement for BIM Projects, as set out by the BS EN ISO 19650 series of standards. For more information on Uniclass see:

Download list of uniclass codes here.