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Upgrading from conventional lighting to LED technology can deliver significant cost savings of up to 80% for a business

Lighting Controls

Lighting controls are 'unlisted' products, for more on this see the Key Information for Purchasers factsheet. The ETL aims to encourage the purchase of lighting controls that realise energy savings by automatically switching or dimming lighting. Five different categories of lighting control are covered by the ETL:

  1. Time controllers to automatically switch off lighting at predetermined times.
  2. Presence detectors with associated switching controllers that monitor occupancy and automatically switch off or dim lighting when not required.
  3. Daylight detectors with associated switching controllers that monitor daylight and automatically switch off lighting when daylight is sufficient.
  4. Daylight detectors with associated dimming controllers that monitor daylight availability and automatically dim lighting to the level needed.
  5. Central control units that manage the operation of electric lighting installations including some or all of the categories of lighting controls above.

Read the criteria for ETL inclusion here.

White LED Lighting Modules for Backlit Illuminated Signs

This is a new sub-technology category added to the ETL in 2018 to cover products which provide white light by means of solid state lighting, including appropriate control gear, to illuminate signage. They were added to the ETL due to the substantial energy savings that can be achieved through using efficient lighting units, considering the longevity of illumination. White LED lighting modules must be integrated with electronic control gear to meet ETL criteria. They must include one or more LED light fittings. This category is the only 'listed' lighting category on the ETL. In the case of ‘listed’ technologies, products on the list have been reviewed by a team of ETL technical specialists as meeting the ETL criteria. In the case of ‘unlisted’ technologies, where there are so many variations of a type of product, then products are not individually listed - manufacturers need to check their products against the ETL criteria. Most technologies fall into the ‘listed’ category.

Read the criteria for ETL inclusion here.

Find the application checklist here.

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Efficient White Lighting Units

Efficient White Lighting Units are products that are specifically designed to provide efficient, high quality, illumination. Efficient White Lighting Units are a combination of a light fitting (or luminaire), one or more light sources, and associated control gear that have been assembled either into a single packaged unit or a luminaire with remote control gear. Neither light fitting, light sources nor control gear alone can be said to ‘comply with the ETL’. Efficient White Lighting Units may also incorporate lighting control devices such as dimming and 'presence' controls. The luminaire could also include an optical system that reflects and/or focuses the product’s light output onto the item(s) being illuminated. An Efficient White Lighting Unit may be equipped with any high efficiency light source, such that it meets the eligibility criteria. Types of lighting may include: amenity, accent and display lighting units, general interior lighting and exterior lighting units.

Read the criteria for ETL inclusion here.

Find the application checklist here.

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