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Boiler equipment

Several types of boilers are covered by the Energy Technology List

Biomass Boilers

Biomass boilers are products that are specifically designed to burn solid biomass fuels in order to heat water. They are used to heat water for process or space heating.

Burners With Controls

Burners with controls are used to provide heat for hot water, steam and thermal oil boilers, heaters and processes. They are widely used in industry and commerce and they are designed to create and burn air and fuel mixtures in a safe, efficient and controlled manner, and to direct the heat released through combustion into a pressurised vessel (or other combustion chamber).

Condensing Economisers

Condensing Economisers are a type of heat exchanger that has been designed to improve boiler net thermal efficiency by recovering both sensible and latent heat from boiler flue gases. This heat is normally used to preheat the boiler’s feedwater and to supply low grade heating requirements.

Flue Gas Economisers

Flue gas economisers are a type of heat exchanger that enables some of the sensible heat in boiler flue gases to be recovered. This heat is normally used to preheat the boiler’s feedwater.

Gas-fired Condensing Water Heaters

Gas-fired condensing water heaters are used to provide hot water for domestic purposes or process heating, and offer an energy efficient method of generating hot water. Gas-fired condensing water heaters are specifically designed to continuously provide hot water either by the direct heating of water as it passes through the product, or the heating of water contained in an integral storage vessel.

Heat Recovery from Condensate and Boiler Blowdown

Heat recovery from condensate and boiler blowdown covers recover heat from steam condensate and / or water from boiler blowdown, by means of heat exchangers and/or flash steam recovery vessels. Significant amounts of heat can be recovered from the water extracted during boiler blowdown and from steam condensate. However this water can contain significant levels of contaminants that reduce the efficiency of the heat recovery process.

Heating Management Controllers for Wet Heating Systems

Heating management controllers (for wet heating systems) realise fuel savings by adapting boiler firing and heat distribution patterns to match variations in heat demand and user requirements. These products control heat generation and distribution within a wet heating system in an energy efficient manner that reflects weather conditions, occupation schedules and user requirements. A wide range of heating management controls is available for wet heating systems including products designed to control space heating within both zoned and un-zoned buildings.

Hot Water Boilers

Hot water boilers are used to produce hot water for space heating, process heating and domestic uses. They are available in a wide range of different designs and efficiencies. These products heat water by means of a heat exchanger that transfers heat from combustion into the water as it passes through the product

Retrofit Burner Control Systems

Microprocessor-based burner control systems offer precise and reproducible control of the fuel and air flows. These can be retrofitted to existing burners to improve fuel efficiency. Savings are achieved through reducing the excess oxygen level in the flue gas, and depend on the quality of the controls replaced. For example, a 3.5% reduction in the flue gas oxygen level can improve efficiency by around 2%. Although this is lower than the improvements that may be available from complete burner replacement, the improvement in efficiency that can be achieved means that this is still an attractive option.

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