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Automatic Monitoring and Targeting (aM&T) equipment

The equipment allows businesses to identify ways to reduce energy costs and to pinpoint energy wastage

Automatic Monitoring and Targeting Sub-Metering Systems

AM&T sub-metering systems help users to save energy by identifying energy wastage which they can then take steps to reduce. AM&T sub-metering systems generally comprise three elements:

  1. Sub-metering & sensors
  2. Communication and data capture software, and;
  3. Monitoring software.

Portable Energy Monitoring Equipment

Portable energy monitoring equipment covers products that are specifically designed to temporarily measure energy use in different locations, and to record, analyse and report on energy consumption. Portable energy monitoring equipment helps to save energy by identifying energy wastage and ensuring the long-term effectiveness of other energy saving investment measures.

Portable energy monitoring equipment enables the temporary monitoring of energy use in different locations, and can be used to record energy consumption data and to highlight unusual patterns of consumption.

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