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Tips on using the site to search for energy efficient products

Getting the most out of the new ETL website

The improved website of the Energy Technology List (ETL) has been launched by the UK government to help simplify the purchasing of energy efficient products. A new search and compare feature will enable businesses and the public sector to quickly find verified products that can cut their energy bills and reduce carbon emissions. For the first time users of the ETL will also be able to integrate the full list of over 8,000 qualified products into their procurement systems with the ETL API. 

These improvements will be explained further in this article with guidance to help you get the most out of the new website.

When searching for products, you can either access the search bar directly through the homepage or through the products page. You can see the search results for ‘refrigeration equipment’ below.


By selecting the technology box ‘refrigeration equipment’ you will be taken through to the Products page with more information on the technology.


On this page you can read a summary of the products, the criteria and select to browse the list by technology sub-category. By selecting ‘Browse Air Cooled Condensing Units on the ETL’ you will be taken back to the search page.

All the products relating to your search are filterable using the features on the left panel. You can also sort results by relevance, date or manufacturer names. By clicking on a product, you will be taken through to a page with further product information as well as the manufacturer website and contact information.


To compare products, you can select the box next to each product in the list titled ‘Compare’. These products will then appear in a shortlist at the bottom of the screen.


Once you have selected ‘Compare’ you will be taken through to the following page.


From this page you can compare the product by features and download a spreadsheet of the shortlisted products.

The ETL now also incorporates the UNICLASS classification for products. By searching for UNICLASS codes, the relevant products will be shown in the results. This can be used to categorise and manage information within a construction project, such as costing and designing.


The creation of an API was a highly requested feature and we have created this functionality to allow third parties to host the ETL on their own websites. All of the data available on the ETL product search service will be available for free including technical information, product images and the ability to search and filter products. Read more here for further information on the API. 

These developments deliver closer integration for users of the ETL, enabling users to seamlessly select verified energy efficiency products for use within their existing procurement and designing systems.

The new ETL search page can be accessed here:

For any further queries please email or call 0300 3300 657