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17 September 2019

To fulfil the aim of ensuring ETL performance standards are at the top end of the market, this year’s ETL Research Programme is reviewing and uplifting thresholds and requirements for 16 technologies – representing over a quarter of the technology categories on the ETL.

In June and July, ICF delivered 12 stakeholder consultation workshops spanning ETL technologies in boiler equipment, HVAC controls, ventilation heat recovery, refrigeration, lighting, motors, solar thermal, pipework insulation and portable energy monitoring equipment.

Almost 50 stakeholders participated in the consultations, sharing opinions on the future direction of the technologies and shaping new, revised criteria that better reflect their relative market positions. Thank you to all who contributed.

This work continues, with recommendations being delivered to BEIS in the Autumn, so it is not too late to engage. Please contact to find out more.

Following a review of the recommendations, government will confirm the ETL technology criteria updates to the ETL that will be effected from April 2020. As usual the Carbon Trust and ICF will be in touch with manufacturers to let you know any products on the ETL that may be affected by the changes.