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13 January 2020

January Update

Thank you to all stakeholders who have contributed so far to the 2019/20 ETL research programme. As a reminder, the programme is reviewing, revising and creating new criteria across 14 ETL sub-technologies. Our work spans boiler equipment, HVAC, waste heat recovery, motors, refrigeration, insulation, energy monitoring  and solar thermal (see below for a full list). Approximately 50 stakeholders took part in the consultation workshops during the summer. Since then, to continue the dialogue, ICF has been working with a range of manufacturers and trade associations including Gambica, the Solar Trade Association, HEVAC, ICOM and the Combustion Engineering Association.   

Following our consultation, we have submitted our recommendations for change to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), and we are currently waiting to hear the outcome. Whilst BEIS have not yet made a decision on the recommendations, they are happy for ICF to embark on the next stage of stakeholder consultation, when the recommendations are implemented through revised criteria (which currently is subject to change by BEIS). As a result ICF will be liaising with effected stakeholders during January and February to re-draft the criteria.

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The full list of ETL technologies in the 2019/20 Research Programme:

Boiler Equipment

  • Retrofit Burner Control Systems
  • Condensating Economisers
  • Flue Gas Economisers
  • Heating Management Controllers
  • Heat Recovery from Condensate & Boiler Blowdown

Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Equipment

  • Building Environment Zone Controllers

Refrigeration Equipment

  • Cellar Cooling Equipment


  • Converter-fed Motors
  • Line Operated AC Motors

Other Sub-Technologies

Scoping Studies

  • Wastewater Heat Recovery Systems