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ETL Claim Values

11 January 2021


February 2019

Please note that the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme (ECA) for energy efficient plant and machinery on the Energy Technology List (ETL) ended in April 2020. Therefore this document should only be used for reference when making claims against purchases of ETL equipment prior to that date.

Since this document was launched in February 2019 some of the technology category names have been revised.

In January 2021 the following changes were made. Should you be making a retrospective claim, you will need to search in this document under the old name below.

Old Name

New Name

Air to Air Energy Recovery Equipment

Heat Recovery Ventilation Units

Building Environment Zone Controls

HVAC Building Controls

Flue Gas Economisers

Non-condensing Economisers

Heat recovery from Condensate & Boiler Blowdown

Heat Recovery from Flash Steam and Boiler Blowdown Condensate

Solar Thermal Systems & Collectors

Solar Thermal Collectors

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