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Energy saving tips for businesses

Some simple steps to make your organisation more energy efficient

Energy savings can result in considerable cost savings for organisations and are an important tool for reducing your environmental footprint and combatting climate change. Here are some simple energy saving tips for businesses:

Have an energy strategy that includes monitoring energy use and costs

Although investing in energy efficient equipment is an important part of reducing energy consumption it is equally important to continuously monitor and track the accompanying usage data. Monitoring energy use and costs helps organisations easily identify any potential issues and resolve the problem.

Get organisational commitment and employee engagement

Small changes at every level throughout an organisation adds up to large energy and cost savings. Embedding an energy efficient strategy and gaining employee commitment is key to creating long-term change.

Make most efficient use of current energy resources/equipment

It is important to first evaluate how the organisation currently operates and highlight the changes that can be made with current resources and equipment as a strong first step in the right direction.

Replace older inefficient equipment with energy saving equipment

This can be done through investing in high performing equipment such as those listed on the Energy Technology List. The ETL can be used as a trusted third-party to source the most energy efficient products in each technology category. Search the list.

Learn from others, use energy benchmarks and implement energy saving initiatives

Comparing your performance to industry leaders can help inspire changes and understand how your organisation is doing compared to others. It can also help identify areas for improvement.