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How to boost energy and cost savings with the Energy Technology List

The Energy Technology List (ETL) is a valuable tool to help organisations reduce their energy consumption and create long-term energy and cost savings. By searching for products on the list, businesses can source high performing products and be confident that they are purchasing independently reviewed products in the top quartile for energy efficiency.

Although energy efficient products can have higher upfront costs, the payback period can be less than a year depending on the product and will result in long-term savings. Reducing energy consumption can also help organisations meet stringent environmental standards and targets. This can have the additional bonus of boosting an organisation’s reputation, increasing customer trust and brand loyalty.

Businesses can also use the ETL to achieve certificates or building ratings through schemes such as BREEAM and SKA. By procuring ETL-listed products, businesses can guarantee that they have implemented energy efficient measures into their retrofit projects or new builds, which contributes towards achieving a SKA rating or BREEAM certification.

The ETL features a range of products such as energy efficient lighting, heat pumps and boilers to suit a range of organisations and create widespread energy savings across industries. Search the list today.

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