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Key information for purchasers factsheet

Energy Technology Factsheet: Key information for Purchasers


This factsheet addresses the most common queries that people have regarding the Energy Technology List (ETL) when purchasing machinery and equipment.

The Energy Technology List is a government-approved list of high performance energy-efficient products. The scheme encourages businesses to invest in energy-saving equipment. If you are new to the ETL, the ETL presentation for purchasers (download) provides a quick introduction. Please note that on 29 October 2018, the Chancellor announced that the ECA and First Year Tax Credits Scheme (FYTC) will end from April 2020.  If you have bought ETL equipment before that date and want more information about making an Enhanced Capital Allowance claim, then please visit

Products: listed and unlisted technologies, updates to the list

Which technologies and products are included in the ETL?


To find a list of all technologies covered by the ETL, please search the listed products here. You can find details of the energy-saving features of the products on the list, as well as the contact details of the manufacturer. For more information about the different technologies on the ETL, please see the Products page.


Energy-efficient products in ‘listed and ‘unlisted’ categories of the ETL


The ETL can be used to identify energy-efficient products. In the case of ‘listed’ technologies, products on the list have been reviewed by a team of ETL technical specialists as meeting the ETL criteria. In the case of ‘unlisted’ technologies, where there are so many variations of a type of product, then products are not individually listed - manufacturers need to check their products against the ETL criteria and make a statement of compliance to the purchaser, supported by technical documentation.

Most technologies fall into the ‘listed’ category. Only the following categories are in ‘unlisted’ categories:

  • Lighting Controls;
  • Air to Air Heat Pumps, Split, Multi-Split and VRF

More information about Air to Air Heat Pumps, Split, Multi-Split and VRF can be found in Annex 1 of this document.

There is separate information about Lighting available:


Combined Heat and Power (CHP)


CHP is a separate category from “listed” and “unlisted” technology categories.  No individual products appear on the Energy Technology Product List. Organisations should refer to the Combined Heat and Power Quality Assurance Programme webpage.


How often is the ETL product list updated?


New products are added to the list twice a month, on the 1st and the 15th. Products may be removed from the list for different reasons, e.g. if a product is no longer being sold in the UK and the manufacturer wishes to remove this from the list. For those products removed since 1st April 2017 the removal date appears on the list. For those removed before that, a separate downloadable list is available.

In the case that a Government announcement notifies of future changes to some of the technologies and technology criteria, then notification will be posted on the ETL website.  The changes may affect the eligibility of some of the products on the list. The date when these changes become effective is added to the ETL website when known.

For more information

Further information on the ETL can be found in the documents below on the ETL website:



To contact the ETL team with an enquiry

For any further enquiry, please contact us by email:

Annex 1


Air to Air Heat Pumps, Split, Multi-Split and VRF


Air Source: Split and Multi-split (incl VRF) products (now Air to Air Heat Pumps, Split, Multi-Split and VRF) became an ‘unlisted’ technology on 7th August 2014. For products purchased from this date onwards, purchasers need to obtain a statement from their supplier to confirm that the product meets the eligibility criteria in force at the time of purchase.